Useful information

Exclusive Drive

6th edition

23, 24 and 25 March 2018

Circuit Bugatti Le Mans
Place Luigi Chinetti, 72100 Le Mans

Opening times:
Friday: 7 am – midnight (track time until 9 pm)
Saturday: 7 am – midnight (track time until 9 pm)
Sunday: 7am – 6pm



The Le Mans circuit is where the most famous race in the world takes place:
24 Hours of Le Mans!

With Exclusive Drive, you will drive on the Bugatti circuit!
It is 4,185 km long and is the second longest circuit after the 24 Hours of Le Mans and borrows from it the La Chapelle corner, the pit straight and the famous Dunlop chicane.

With Exclusive Drive, you will drive the legend.


Is my car eligible to participate in Exclusive Drive?
To find out, you can check if your car is on the list of eligible cars.

Is the briefing mandatory?
Yes, the safety briefing is mandatory in the morning at 08:15 for all participants on our track days. We will give you all the safety instructions you need to follow on the track. Any behaviour deemed dangerous or inappropriate may result in exclusion for the session or for the full day without recourse or refund. We care about the safety of all and wish to maintain the fun and friendliness of driving together.

Is wearing a helmet mandatory?
Yes, wearing a helmet is mandatory, whether you are a driver or a passenger.

Can I take passengers in my car during my sessions?
Yes, if they are at least 16 years old and wearing a helmet and belt. Maximum 1 passenger per car.

In terms of insurance, am I covered to drive on the track?
Most insurances cover your civil liability during un-timed recreational circuit driving. We will ask you for your insurance certificate proving civil liability coverage. If you don’t have this you will have to take out cover for the day with an insurer of your choice. Possibility to take out insurance on site.

Should I take all my paperwork with me?
Yes, you’ll need to be in possession of your paperwork (originals only), driver’s license, car registration, insurance and certification of civil liability coverage for track time.

Can I drive with my racing car?
Yes you can drive your competition car on the circuit. You must send us a photo and description by mail to: info@exclusivedrive.fr
We will contact you to confirm whether or not you will have access to the track.

Alcohol consumption?
This is obvious but we remind you anyway: It is strictly forbidden to drink and drive at our event.

Any other questions?
If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us directly, we will be glad to help.

Exclusive Drive is a premium, user-friendly and innovative automobile event.
A veritable “Moving Motor Show” at the Bugatti circuit!

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